Does UIF pay lump sum?

By | December 28, 2023

How much will you get paid when you claim UIF?

These two sites have a UIF calculator:

The Department of Labour takes 2 criteria into consideration:

  • your salary over the last 4 years, and
  • your UIF contributions over the last 4 years

I entered information for someone earning R15 000 who has been working and contributing for the maximum period of 4 years and who is going on maternity leave.

The total that this lady will get paid is R22 000.

This should be paid in four monthly payments of about R5 500 per month.

In reality, the Department of Labour takes up to 8 weeks to approve your claim, so the first payment will be for 2 months (about R11 000) and then followed by 2 more monthly payments of R5 500 each. The above payment examples are estimates and close, but the Department makes the final calculation.

Remember that you no longer qualify for UIF if you start working.

More Information on UIF

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