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October Sassa Payment Dates

Sassa social grant payments for October As we approach the end of September and the start of October, SASSA grant beneficiaries will be interested in knowing their grant payment dates.  The SASSA grant payment dates for September are: Older Person’s Grants 5 October 2024 This includes any grants linked to these accounts Disability Grants 6 October 2024… Read More »


SRD Grant and Your Special COVID-19 OR SRD Grant – Application Process STEP CHOOSE AN APPLICATION CHANNEL Apply via one of these channels: WhatsApp: Send a message to 082 046 8553   SRD Website:   SASSA Chatbot: APPLICATION VIA WHATSAPP   Send WhatsApp message to 082 046 8553   Applicant will provide personal details as prompted by… Read More »

Check Unemployment grant status

HOW TO CHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION:  SASSA announced on Friday 29 May that the application status tracker is now live, and applicants can keep up to date with it by typing into their browser.  The application is totally free of charge. SASSA warned that there are scam artists selling “application forms” which are not… Read More »

Who qualifies for Sassa?

For people who receive a grant or need to receive one. This is an overview of South Africa’s social grant system and how to apply for social assistance. For a developing country, South Africa has a well-established social welfare system and a large proportion of social spending goes towards social grants. Over 17 million social… Read More »

What are the four types of grants?

The Social Assistance Act of 2004 and regulations to the act provide the legal framework for the administration of seven social grants. Grants are targeted at categories of people who are vulnerable to poverty and in need of state support. These are older people, people with disabilities and children. Also, the Social Relief of Distress… Read More »

Apply for the Unemployment Grant of R350.

Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown  Applications for the R350 SASSA Social relief of distress grants are now open. Applicants must be:– Above the age of 18;– Unemployed;– Not receiving any income;– Not receiving any social grant;– Not receiving any unemployment insurance benefit and does not qualify to receive unemployment insurance benefits;– Not receiving a stipend from the… Read More »

SRD grant application

About applying for SRD grant application Social relief of distress is temporary provision of assistance intended for persons in such a dire material need that they are unable to meet their families’ most basic needs. This could be due to any of the following factors: you need help while you wait for your children’s grants… Read More »

How much is the Sassa old age pension?

Older Person’s Grant (Old Age Pension) The maximum value of the Older Person’s Grant is R1,780 per month from April 2019. If you are over the age of 75 you will receive R1,790 per month. You can apply to this grant if you are 60 years or older. You cannot be a recipient of other… Read More »

Sassa Payment Dates

Sassa social grant payments for June 3 June 2024: Older person’s Grants 4 June 2024: Disability Grants 7 June 2024All other grants Sassa also confirmed “there is no need to rush to withdraw cash on the first day”. Social grants are usually paid from the first of every month except in December, as from January , the… Read More »

Will pensioners get a rise?

Pensioners can again look forward to an inflation-linked increase in their social grants this year. The government spending on social grants will increase to R567 billion. The number of beneficiaries who receive social assistance from the state is expected to increase from 17.9 million to 18.6 million over the next three years. Old-age pensions will… Read More »